Instant activation

Your modules will be ready to download right after you purchase them.

Satisfaction guarantee

You can cancel your order in up to 7 days.

Up to a year of support

You can purchase the modules with up to a year of support. We will help you with the installation and configuration of the module, and will fix any eventual bug of the module.

Modules for Delivery in Hands

Modules for shops that deliver in hands, like restaurants and pizza deliveries. You may customize the shipping cost for different postcodes.


Module Zipcode Zones for PretaShop

With the Module Zipcode Zones for PrestaShop, you can map zipodes intervals all zones of your PrestaShop store. This way you can set custom freight costs for each region of your store and for each carrier you wish to work with.

Module Custom Payment Modes for PrestaShop

The Custom Payment Modes for PrestaShop allows you to offer your customers the most diverse forms of payment, as long as they do not depend on external services. You can offer payment by check, bank transfer, bank deposit, cash payment at the store, etc.  You can also offer discounts and ask for additional informations, like date/time of delivery.

Who we are?

We have been specializing in PrestaShop for more than 3 years providing exclusive services to the platform. We provide full support for your PrestaShop store!

We have hosting services, we provide support for third-party modules and we develop modules on demand. We can also develop a new store for you from scratch!